Maximizing Social Security

Tue, September 13th
12:00 pm PDT - 1:30 pm PDT

Ventura Chamber of Commerce


Maximizing Social Security

What every eligible benefit recipient needs to know before filing

For many approaching and in retirement, Social Security is the single largest asset and income source they have, yet greater than 90% of all recipients do not maximize their benefits.  Understanding the system and employing advance planning is essential to make sure that money is not left on the table when filing for benefits.  The difference between the best and worst filing decisions can be well over $100,000 in lifetime income.

Learn about:

  • Eligibility and when benefits may begin
  • How your age affects the amount you receive
  • If and how continuing to work may impact benefits
  • How married couples can coordinate their benefits
  • When it makes sense to delay filing for benefits
  • How to potentially maximize lifetime income from SS

If you would like to come for lunch in person, please register via zoom and we will send the meeting details via e-mail.

This is a free event!

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